Conveyancing isn’t often the first service that comes to mind when people consider the role of a solicitor, but those who have made use of conveyancing specialists in the past will agree that expert legal support is a must when navigating the at times murky waters of property letting and sale.

At Chenery Maher we pride ourselves at our expertise in conveyancing, as well as the warm and compassionate service that we provide. After all, dealing with the sale or letting of property can be exciting, but also potentially stressful; having a friendly source of advice at such times can make all the difference.

We have outlined our main conveyancing services below. Read on to better understand the best service for your needs. 

Leasehold and Tenancies

As conveyancing solicitors, we are expertly placed to advise on the most effective way to navigate the potential pitfalls of letting domestic or commercial property. It is essential that you understand precisely what you are committing to when you sign a tenancy contract or lease, and our expertise with this aspect of law makes us the ideal advisor in such situations.

Residential Sale and Purchases

The expertise of a conveyancing specialist isn’t just necessary for the letting of property: the purchase of property is a more involved, lengthy process. This fact alone makes in-depth advice for purchasing property that much more necessary. It is a given that a commercial or residential property will be one of your largest, if not the largest asset in your portfolio, and it is therefore essential that you are not committing to an obligation that is beyond your means!

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Irene Chenery is the CQS accredited member at this practice.