Leasehold & Tenancies

Leasehold & Tenancies

Domestic property

Moving into a house is always an exciting prospect, but without the help of an experienced solicitor it can be a legal minefield and seem very confusing. It is essential you understand what you are committing yourself too and made fully aware of all the conditions which affect your occupation of the property. You need to know, for example, if you will have to pay the Council tax, what happens when the agreed term expires if you want to stay on, whether or not you can leave earlier than intended, your own and the landlords obligations to carry out repairs and so on.

Commercial property

Setting up a business or relocating is time consuming and stressful, the last thing you need is to trawl through a long and complicated lease, but failure to do so could have serious consequences. Similarly, as a landlord, you need to be confident that the terms under which your tenant occupies the property provide for rent increases if appropriate and make clear your own and the tenants obligations.

Taking on a lease is a big step; it can commit you to obligations you did not appreciate. Irene Chenery will explain and help you understand the process.