Elderly Legal Services

Elderly Legal Services

Dealing with the emotional and legal ramifications of an elderly relative declining in health, mental faculties, or both, can take a toll on anyone. Even the strongest of people may find their knowledge of legal matters inadequate to navigate the process themselves. This is where Chenery Maher Solicitors, with their wealth of experience as local, family solicitors for the elderly, come into their own. Chenery Maher Solicitors offer a compassionate and comprehensive legal service, meaning that you can be sure of the best, fairest result for any legal issue affecting you, or an elderly relative. We’ve broken down the broad categories of Elderly Legal Services that we offer below, so you can easily learn more about the ideal service for you.

Elderly Care Specialist Solicitors

As Irene Chenery has passed the comprehensive testing required to be accepted onto the Specialist Panel Solicitors for the Elderly, Chenery Maher Solicitors are now one of only a few local solicitor practises to offer specialist legal advice for the elderly. In this capacity, Chenery Maher Solicitors are able to provide key advice in regards to planning for retirement, and any courses of action agreed for cases of illness or diminished mental capacity.

Deputyship and Elderly Protection Solicitors

When failing health, or declining mental faculties deprive an elderly relative of the ability to effectively manage their own affairs, it’s important that a responsible person is appointed on their behalf to administer their help. Chenery Maher Solicitors are able to provide professional advice and assist with the process of obtaining deputyship over a relative; as well as offering mediation services, if there is a familial disagreement on how to proceed.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Simply put, Powers of Attorney provide a third party with the legal right to manage your affairs. In the case of elderly relatives, diminishing mental faculties or serious illness can make it necessary for a loved one to apply for Powers of Attorney, to ensure that their affairs are dealt with appropriately and fairly. There are a number of options when it comes to powers of attorney, Chenery Maher Solicitors are ready and willing to talk you through each.

Solicitors for the Elderly

Irene Chenery is the SFE accredited member at this practice.