Specialist Solicitors for the Elderly

Practise partner Irene Chenery has passed the stringent testing to be accepted onto the Specialist Panel Solicitors for the Elderly, achieving an impressive 97% in her examination paper and becoming the only local solicitor offering specialist legal advice for the elderly in the area.

Solicitors for the Elderly is a national organisation committed to providing and promoting concise, comprehensive and independent legal advice for older people, their family and carers.  Members of the SFE have a remit extending beyond the usual realm of solicitors work in Wills, Probate & Trusts to encompass all aspects of everyday life as they affect the elderly.

Chenery Maher Solicitors can provide the legal infrastructure to help plan for retirement and beyond, establishing agreed procedures for consent and decision-making powers to be transferred in the event of illness or declining mental capacity. They can also increase consideration of inheritance tax and other relevant tax issues, providing expert specialist advice to help mitigate long term care expenses including NHS funded support.

Whether you are elderly yourself or tasked with the responsibility of handling the legal affairs of an elderly person – such as an aging relative – Irene provides expert professional advice. She can also mediate if there is a disagreement within the family as to the best way forward. If you think this may be helpful to you please look on our Mediation page for more information.

Solicitors for the Elderly

Irene Chenery is the SFE accredited member at this practice.