Family Law

Family Law

At Chenery Maher Solicitors, we endeavour to help our clients through some of the most trying familial situations that it’s possible to encounter. We have the expertise to help guide families through any number of legal challenges; we can offer expert advice to those planning on making a big life change some time soon, like marriage or a civil partnership, or help to guide clients through the challenges of a divorce or separation.

The cornerstone of our service is the caring and consideration that we show to those who seek our assistance. Our clients are never just a case number; we provide a personal, sensitive service to those who may well be going through one of the most trying periods of their life, and work closely with a counsellor to make sure you get all the help and support you need. Our family law expert is Carol, who has years of experience dealing with difficult issues in a caring and understanding manner.

Our Family Law expertise covers a wide spectrum of potential legal situations; generally falling under the areas laid out below:

Children’s Issues

In the wake of a break-up or divorce, it’s often children that are hit the hardest. Whether mediation is required, or simply a clear break down of potential options, our expertise can make difficult situations that much easier to resolve.

Pre-Marriage/ Civil Partnership

No-one likes to plan for the worst, but it’s often better to have a plan that you never need to enact, than to be caught off-guard. If you’re about to enter into a marriage or civil partnership, you owe it to yourself, and your partner, to plan for even currently unthinkable circumstances.

Civil Partnership

We have experience dealing with all aspects of Civil Partnerships at Chenery Maher, from the legal necessities of entering into one, to the mechanisms required to convert a civil partnership to a marriage. In the unfortunate event of a break-up, we also have plenty of experience in offering advice on how to proceed.

Divorce and Separation

Even if the decision is ultimately for the best, the process of gaining a divorce or separation is rarely plain sailing. Sometimes there are complicated financial kinks to iron out, in other cases custody of children is the primary concern. We have experience in all of these areas, and are only too happy to share our compassion and expertise with our clients.

Living Together

Common law marriage doesn’t actually exist but is a commonly used phrase for couples that live together. If the relationship breaks down, or a common law partner passes away, a number of thorny legal and financial situations can arise. We have the experience and skill to minimise the impact of such situations on the lives of our clients; offering clear advice and achievable solutions.