Pre-Nuptial Agreements and Pre-Marriage Advice from Chenery Maher

Pre-Marriage Agreements Advice from Chenery Maher

Although not romantic, you could save a lot of distress, time & money if you plan ahead what will happen should the marriage or civil partnership break down. Although not officially legally binding in this country, the courts are increasingly prepared to respect commitments made if each party to an agreement has the opportunity to take legal advice, makes full financial disclosure and is not placed under duress. Those who have been through a messy divorce will not wish to repeat the process; better to talk about it at the outset than to risk facing a bitter expensive fight in the future.

It is particularly important to make a pre-marriage/pre-civil partnership agreement if one party already has substantial assets, or, for example, there is a family business which could be seriously damaged if claims were made on divorce.

Carol Maher will be happy to talk things through with you, so you can decide if an agreement of this type is the right thing for you and your partner.

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