Mediation Services

Mediation Services


Most people want to avoid dispute, but find it hard to get beyond the hurt & mistrust which is the natural consequence of relationship breakdown. Mediation provides an opportunity for you to sit down with a neutral person, in a neutral place, to discuss, in a structured & supported environment, the practical & financial implications of separation so as to make your own decisions about maintenance, the house, pension and capital, together with arrangements for your children.

Carol Maher trained as a mediator as long ago as 1993, as she knew it was important to provide an alternative to the litigious process & wanted, as a family law specialist, to be able to offer a whole range of options to meet individual needs.

Carol can also meet with children as part of the mediation process in order to ascertain their wishes, views and feelings so that parents can take these into account when making decisions.

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Conflict often arises when an older person makes an important decision with which the family disagree, or if there is no consensus as to what is in the best interests of an elderly relative. When that happens, making the right decision can be very difficult.

Mediation can help clear up any misunderstandings and reduce tension and hostility, making it easier to exchange views, explore the options and work as a team so as to ensure the best outcome possible and keep the family together.
Whilst the best interests of the older person are always central to the mediation it may sometimes not be possible for them to take part in the process itself.

Irene Chenery helps families resolve their differences. She is an experienced solicitor whose particular interest is in advising the older generation. Irene is a member of the Solicitors for the ElderlySpecialist panel and trained as a mediator in 1993.