Probate Specialists

WHEN SOMEONE DIES their affairs need to be sorted out, at a time when very often those left behind are struggling to cope with the loss. Charles Maher is there to help you. He will explain what needs to be done & take you through the process with the sensitivity & professionalism which distinguishes Chenery Maher & makes us different.

If there is a Will the assets of the person who has died will be distributed in accordance with their stated wishes; without a Will those assets will be paid as set out in the Intestacy Rules. For details of the latter see FREE INFORMATION

Charles knows how it feels to lose a loved one. He will answer any questions you may have & help you sort things out.

There are times when a Will, or the impact of the Intestacy Rules, do not adequately provide for those left behind and need to be challenged and, if necessary, resolved by a court. Charles can advice and guide you through the process.