Tax Planning / Trusts

Tax Planning / Trusts for those you leave behind


We all want to know that when we go, those we leave behind are left trouble-free to celebrate our lives.

Facing up to our own mortality is not pleasant and it is easy to find excuses to put off considering the future after our demise, but given the chances of death by accident or sudden illness, it is extremely important that a will is in place. If you die without a will the state will determine who inherits your assets by reference to the Intestacy Rules (see FREE INFORMATION), as a result of which the people you care for may in the end receive nothing. Planning ahead by making a will is particularly important if you are not married to your partner, have children from a previous relationship, or dependents who need care.

Making a Will enables you to consider the impact of Inheritance Tax, and the steps you can take now to minimise the liability.

Our expertise in this field can be assured; our sensitivity, compassion and kindness is guaranteed, leaving your relatives and friends only to rejoice in their memories.