Wills and Probates

Wills and Probates

Chenery Maher Solicitors have a wealth of experience in dealing with Wills and Probate cases. It goes without saying that a recent bereavement provides particularly trying circumstances in which to resolve legal issues, so our caring and compassionate approach to legal matters is often greatly appreciated.

As such, Chenery Maher are expertly positioned to answer any questions, and deal with any issues, stemming from the passing of loved ones, or from your own inheritance plans.

Making clear, legally sound plans now is the only way to be sure of the future financial security of your loved ones, and save them from any unnecessary stress. For more information about the services that we offer, contact us today. The Firm is a member of ‘Certainty’ (the national Will register) and Irene Chenery has a STEP qualification in advanced Will writing.

Inheritance Claims

The experience of our team, Senior Solicitor Charles Maher in particular, ensure that we are well equipped to deal with any legal issues stemming from inheritance claims. Life can be extremely complicated, and the provisions set by a Will, or the Intestacy Rules used in the absence of a Will, can often be seen as lacking by concerned parties. Acting in a timely manner, with seasoned legal support, is the best way to any complications with Inheritance Claims.

Tax Planning/Trusts

No one wants to burden their loved ones when they pass away; which is why creating a comprehensive plan for your finances is essential. You’ll know that when the worst happens, those you care about have been provided for. With our expertise in the field of Tax Planning and Trusts we can make this process as easy as possible, providing you with peace of mind.


The death of a loved one is a hard time for anyone to deal with, so having to unpick potentially complicated financial and legal issues can often feel like a bridge too far. With the support of Chenery Maher Solicitors, such situations can be made that much easier, as our experience allows for the probate process to be run through smoothly; with any of your queries answered along the way.


Making a comprehensive and legally sound Will is essential for peace of mind, and will ensure that your loved ones are provided for after you move on. While it’s fair to say that most people would prefer not to contemplate their mortality, creating a will is necessary to minimise the burden on those you care about, and guarantee that your affairs are in order before the end. Chenery Maher’s expertise and professional memberships ensure that you will receive the best possible legal advice, if you seek their aid to create your Last Will and Testament.